Announcement : rDAO Token Contract Upgrade

Announcing our token contract upgrade and token swaps.

In order to prepare for mainnet version 2, and the new ETH 2 staking and to accelerate our journey towards centralized and decentralized governance, we are announcing a smart contract upgrade and old token swap due to take place today 18th Jan.

Originally scheduled in our roadmap for mid-March, we are bringing this forward to better align with our up-coming incentivized features and this week’s re-launch of rDAO dAPP staking.

The token drops will take place today, Monday 18th January, 2020.

For the vast majority of rDAO token holders, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED.


Currently our core RDAO ERC-20 smart contract is as it was implemented when the RealtyDao token launched last year. The upgrade of our core ERC-20 smart contract will enable seamless interoperability between Ethereum and our v2 main-net, decentralized control of network functions via our up-coming governance framework, as well as updating the core code to verified ERC-20 smart contract developments tested on mainnet as well as on testnet.

We are taking this action now, because the updated staking permits stakers to enter and exit staking at their convenience.

The launch of our updated staking contract will take place a few days after the token swap. will then be on the optimal pathway to mainnet v2.0 scheduled for early 2021. A series of incentivized testnets will commence in the second half of October 2020 and will demonstrate new and enhanced functionality and reward those helping to exercise activities such as token swaps, node operation, voting for features and refine decentralized governance and much, much more.