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211 Premium Digital Native Assets Will Migrate to RealtyDao DNA’s on the Blockchain will be migrating to RealtyDao this May. 211 premium digital native assets with a TVl of 309M will be added to the burgeoning digital asset portfolio of RealtyDao!

Contrib is our transparent contribution platform on the blockchain and will be added as one of our core DNA apps on RealtyDao.

“It’s an inevitable move. I mean, we built with the idea of allowing people to contribute to premium domains and peg that to a value that is acceptable to both parties. Contribution can be varied, it can be time or money. So it just makes sense to migrate our domains on the blockchain to RealtyDao’s solid digital native asset platform.” Contrib CEO will begin migration this Saturday, May 1 and will end May 15. Users of will also be able to login today and start their migration.