RealtyDAO Releases RDAO Tokens to Portfolio Community

Free Limited RDAO tokens Released today!

RealtyDAO the first digital native asset-backed tokenization and fractionalization platform releases free RDAO tokens to its portfolio community. The RDAO platform makes asset tokenization it’s prominent feature which recently has become one of the most use cases for Defi applications.

The RDAO token is designed as a fungible, utility token allowing contributors, investors, crypto enthusiasts, and digital asset owners to participate in buying and trading of asset tokens within the marketplace.

The tokenization of assets typically involves the creation of digital tokens, and in Realtydao’s platform, it is called DNA eSH, representing digital native assets issued on the blockchain. 

Their goal is to ultimately build a collective coop marketplace of creators and asset owners that can tokenize and govern fractionalized digital native assets, push these DNA’s into the Defi liquidity markets instantly making your digital native assets liquid and let miners and community members earn on APY. The platform also promises to instantly increase value to DNAs by using DNA integrated tools and apps such as Referrals, Contrib, eShares.

The proprietary list of digital assets managed by RDAO and its integrated VNOC platform is a game-changer and the market is taking notice.  

Interested in taking part or get it on the Airdrop?  Sign up today and get free RDAO tokens.