This weeks HOW TO: Buy BNB Tokens at RealtyDao

You can now safely exchange ETH, BTC or USD/Fiat to BNB on site

Small tab BIG EASE function!

Now you can securely buy/exchange ETH, BTC, or USD/Fiat to BNB tokens on our site, just click on the → BUY BNB ← tab at

This will take you to this page.

choices are easy and convenient, scroll down to view your options

  1. BTC to BNB

  1. ETH to BNB

  2. USD/FIAT to BNB

    • indicate the amount of BTC,ETH or USD/Fiat you want to exchange for BNB then tick the box to agree with the Terms of use and click exchange. *You send amount BOX line currently indicates minimum amount.