How To Get Started With RealtyDao in 1 Minute

To get started with RealtyDao in 1 minute, you need to have these DeFi basics down pat.

  1. Accepted wallets

  2. Connect To Binance Smart chain

  3. Of course have some BNB in your wallet :)

If you have these down pat, then it's so easy to use RealtyDAO, just like other top dAPPS in the market today.

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard easily shows you 

  • how many tokens you have in your wallet

  • How many you have staked and contributed

  • how many domains you have in the marketplace

  • how much rDAO is currently

  • Link to buy rDAO

  • link to add rDAO in your wallet

  • List of new domains added to the blockchain

  • List of global realtydao transactions

  • List of new governance forum posts

  • List of new blog posts

  • and the help chat widget :)