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August 2022

Upgrades and Maintenance

May 2022

Join us at todays’ AMA : ASK-ME-ANYTHING live webinar at Livestorm, 2p.m.! Everyone who’s into crypto and holders of rDAO are invited…
JOIN OUR AMA, MAY 27, 1P.M. Join our AMA discussion and ask with our leaders and blockchain developers in Contrib and p.s. JUST 5 days…
Join in on the conversation @Discord! 6 days left before we close our private sale and farming on the Binance smart chain for rDAO and CTB tokens! Let's…
Get your hands on rDAO tokens, the token of choice for domains!

April 2022

VOTED AND APPROVED by Rdao Token Holders
“To keep our portfolio and marketplace as decentralized as possible. You need to be a DAO member of RealtyDao to be able to submit your domains and hold…
Use your Rdao Tokens to cast your VOTE.
An Invitation to the 2nd Online HandShake Conference
fractionalize and tokenize your premium DNA’s for better or shared ownership